Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Swap

If you are a local you may want to clean off your shelf and stop by Court's Paperback Exchange. It is like walking into your best ( book hoarding) friend's attic, and talking her into swapping books with you. Well, maybe your best friend won't charge you 60 cents a swap, but we feel it is well worth it.

Here is what you can expect-
Books. Lots and lots of books. The back room, we call the Harlequin Hallway, has more modern romance tales than you can even fathom to have been printed. (Sorry, to whoever that sweet lady was in the back, that we snickered at the titles as we browsed).
It is technology at it's simplest. A Casio calculator and tax sheet taped to the counter. You take in your old books and they add up the cover price value (so peel off any sale stickers) and then you are eligible to take that value of books out for a small fee. There are also cash books for sale, at just a fraction of the cover price. They may be new- or highly desired books.
Good Reads. Okay, so you may have to be patient on this. The shelves literally change daily, and you can't have a specific in mind. If you are in the mood to browse and have a huge wish list like mine, you won't be disappointed. But be prepared to go a few times to get what you want.

I love this little spot, which has the hometown feel of a family business doing what they love. Honestly, working in that little book crammed place would be my dream job. I have never come out of there empty handed. The bigger problem I have is finding the time to read all the great books I find.

(so, I am super happy in this photo because I scored The Heretic's Daughter, which has been on my lust/must read list for sometime. Who ever took that in...I thank you kindly)

Stay Tuned. Our Fountainhead and In the Woods posts are up next!